Home Loan

  • Resident Indian,
  • Non Resident Indian/ Person of Indian Origin
  • Private Limited Company or closely held Public Limited Company


Home Loan


You can avail a loan if you are a:

  • Resident Indian
  • Non Resident Indian/ Person of Indian Origin
  • Private Limited Company or closely held Public Limited Company

The pre-requisite in all the cases is that, the applicant should have a regular income and sufficient repayment capacity, through employment or a stabilized business/ profession.

Loan Highlights

Quantum of Loan Rs. 2 Lakhs to 10 Crores (Up to 80-90% of total property value)
a. Floating
8.50% - 9.25% pa
b. Fixed (1 Year) 8.25% pa
Processing Fee Rs 10,000 to 0.50% of loan amount
Tenure of Loan Up to 240 months
Part Pre-payment Allowed subject to conditions without any fee
Pre-closure charges 2% of the outstanding loan amount on closure after 6 months

Co-Applicants for the Loan

  • All Co-owners of the property will have to be Co-applicants for the loan
  • Co-applicant/s need not be Co-owners of the property
  • Spouse can join as Co-applicant to enjoy the benefit of two incomes, in order to get higher loan eligibility
  • In some cases, parents/ brothers also will be considered as Co-applicants

Foreclosure of Loan

While foreclosure is allowed by all banks, the tenure restriction and fee conditions vary from bank to bank. A few banks allow foreclosure after 6 months of final disbursement of the loan, with 2 - 3% of the outstanding amount levied as foreclosure fee, while a few others allow foreclosure without any fee if the fund used to repay is from the borrowers sources, and not by way of loan transfer.

Interest Rates

The rate of interest varies from Bank to Bank and profile to profile. This is the general reference rate. Our Loan advisor will be able to inform you the best rate applicable to you after understanding your need and choice of Bank.

Type of Loan Home Loan LAP / Mortgage Loan / LRD
Category < 30 Lakhs > 30 Lakhs Residential Commercial Plot Plot Loans
Floating ROI 8.50% - 9.00% 8.75% - 9.25% 11.25% - 14.00% 11.75% - 14.50% 13.00% - 14.75% 11.75% - 12.50%
Fixed (1 Year) 8.25% 8.25% NA NA NA NA

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